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Hi, I go by the nickname of Giant German Bodybuilder Tommy and you can probably see why they call me that! I'm a pretty good looking giant muscle guy, don't you think?

In this website you will see hundred of video shows and picture for the tall bodybuilder , really Giant bodybuilder , it is a community and for people who love tall giant muscle men a and fantasies with them

Have you ever wished be lifted ,crushed , submitted, punished , and have sex with a huge tall giant men like me ?. This website it will make true all your dream and fetish, this web site is also set up for people who appreciate and admire Huge bodybuilders like me. , am 7.4 feet tall ,2.23 meters, and my weight 440 pound of muscles , 210 kg and most of my bodybuilder friend that you will find here are all over 6.3 and they weight over 280 pound of pure muscle.

Tommy's - STATS content the most biggest amount of Hot shows in the member video and also in the gallery site content thousands of hundreds of the best repository of the biggest and muscle hot men from and also many pictures from the most hot or muscle men from the planet , some pictures and few videos are Uploading from 's members , , it is not responsible for the content of pictures or videos or for © of them , uploaded from the members. If you see a picture or video that you think doesn't belong here email to If you are a member and you want to contribute with new hot pictures or short video , email it to ( , declaring that you have the copyrights and that all the picture and video are from over 18 years old adult men only! For other question please do not use this email but click in the contact banner.
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This website It's called Giantbodybuilder Tom and it was created to share myself with the world. I am 24 years old, stand 7' 4", and weigh almost 450 lbs, and have 26" biceps and 10 inches dick. Not too bad for a giant , I guees. On this site, you'll find plenty of adult photos and videos of myself. But, this site is not only about me. It's also about my other Giant bodybuilder friends.
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